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You might think only “crazy people” skydive. However, contrary to popular belief, most skydivers are normal people with pretty average (OK, maybe not-so-average) lives. One of the coolest things about skydivers is that there isn’t exactly a specific “type” of person who enjoys the sport! 

There are all kinds at Skydiving California, which is exactly how we like it. Skydiving doesn’t discriminate. The skydiving fam is bursting at the seams with individuals from all walks of life with different backgrounds, careers, beliefs, and ages. What do they all have in common? Their passion for SKYDIVING! The dropzone is a place where you can peel all those labels off and just embrace the fun and freedom of being alive!

There are many reasons why people skydive – some seek the thrill, some enjoy the freedom, some find it restorative, some relish in the feeling of community, and some just enjoy the view! For others, it’s all of these reasons! If you are thinking about tandem skydiving or looking to get your skydiving license, rest assured that you are most certainly NOT crazy! Today, we’re going to examine why people skydive and what skydiving says about you.

Skydive California Skydivers Having Fun!


Skydivers are brave. 

Skydiving is inherently risky. With that being said, we mitigate that risk through specific regulations, sophisticated tech and specialized equipment, proper procedures, and efficient training techniques. Not all skydivers are thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies who like to push themselves to the limit. You may be surprised to find out that some skydivers are, in fact, terrified of heights and have used skydiving to help them get over their fear. It takes real courage to acknowledge that fear and choose to face it head-on and overcome it rather than living in a bubble.


Skydivers are patient. 

The skydiving experience from beginning to end can be a daunting and lengthy task to complete – even tandem skydiving can sometimes last all day. Weather and other necessary delays can make the waiting game for the plane take hours. Not to mention, if you’re an AFF student, that waiting period may be extended because there are important lessons to be learned in between jumps. If you’re a licensed skydiver, there’s additional waiting time for your parachute to be packed or for you to pack your own parachute (and trust and believe, it is neither a simple nor speedy task). Nevertheless, you persist because you are dedicated to accomplishing your greatest desires.


Skydivers persevere.

Achieving your skydiving license is a huge commitment: financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and in terms of time. To attain your A-License you will be required to perform (and pass) 25 jumps total. You’ll also learn that even fully licensed and experienced skydivers have conditions to uphold as well. For example, staying current means making a jump within a certain time frame based on your specific license. Sticking with the sport is a perfect representation of your grit and devotion to reaching your dreams.


Skydivers practice self-control.

What is skydiving like? Skydiving is a lot of fun; freefalling at 120+ mph, jumping with friends, and parachuting back down to Earth. But skydiving is also serious business that requires you to stay hyper-focused while remaining calm in high-stress situations. You know that with risk comes reward, and you actively CHOOSE to chase it. That says a lot about your self-control and your ability to work well under pressure. This includes being able to communicate clearly with fellow jumpers to ensure the safety of everyone.

Tandem skydiver smiling from the excitement of free fall


Skydivers live the dream, with both eyes open. 

Skydiving gives you that feeling of being a small speck in a big, big world. You’re gifted with perspective and an enormous sense of appreciation for life, and you fully embrace the freedom that exists within. You’re empowered, emboldened; ablaze with your passion to seize the day! Ooh! It’s a wonderful thing.

The best way to find out what skydiving says about YOU is to come jump with us! Blue skies, beautiful human!

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