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How To Beat The Burnout


It’s hard to fathom when you’re a newly licensed skydiver addicted to all things skydiving, but it is possible to get burned out. Some may find aspects of executing a skydive a chore; others may need a break from the DZ altogether. If this is you, don’t fret. Fighting burnout looks a bit different for everyone, but how to keep things fun in the jumping universe may be easier than you think. There are several ways to beat the burnout blues!

Here are our top six tips on how to fight burnout in skydiving or, if you’ve already succumbed to fizzle-out fatigue, how to bounce back! 

1. Diversify Your Jumps 

Think of your skydiving journey as your favorite dish, like the BEST thing you’ve ever eaten. You can eat every single day until, one day, it starts tasting a little icky. Well, the same thing can happen with skydiving. One day you’re enamored with the sport and the next, not so much. What can you do to fix it? Add something different to it – spice it up like you would your favorite dish to keep it exciting and interesting. 

When it comes to jumping, it can be beneficial to try new things. If you’re constantly freeflying, integrate into a few relative work groups. Likewise, if you’re a strict belly jumper, invest in time with a freefly coach and see if it sparks a newfound interest! Diversifying your jumps has two possible outcomes: 1) You find a new discipline you’re passionate about and dive head first into mastering it, or 2) You realize how much you miss your original interest and have a new respect for those who pursue the latter. Either way – your passion is restored. 

That being said, mindfully honing in on specific disciplines is a fantastic and safety-minded way to advance in them. But, even the best of the best can have fun trying something new and learning about what their fellow sky fam does on their jumps! 

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2. Aim For The Clouds

Experiencing the mega-release of happy chemicals that used to flutter through our bodies on every jump is key to affirming what skydiving does for us mentally and why skydiving is so addictive. Remember what the catalyst was? Challenging yourself, defying gravity, spending quality time with others who share your passion, and crushing goals. Aspiring to great heights in your skydiving career is a sure way to reactivate that soul-nourishing goodness!

Confidence is built when goals are set and met. When this confidence boost happens, our brains crave it again and again. This inspires us to set and hit more goals and gain more confidence – the cycle doesn’t end! (Note: Confidence > Cockiness ALWAYS.)

3. Jump With Better

The best way to grow in the sport is to jump with those who are better than you. A beautiful mindset all safety-oriented skydivers have is that learning never (ever) stops. 

What about how to get over skydiving anxiety? Well … simply doing it. Full sends with jumpers who are more skilled than you is humbling, encouraging, and downright energizing. 

Ya know what’s awesome about skydiving? Everyone started with jump #1. When we conquer the fear of jumping with people who are better than us, it becomes evident that everyone is in it to help each other advance, pass on knowledge in a safety-minded way, and cheer one another on. This realization makes the anxiety fly away (literally)! 

4. Take Breaks 

Loving other things AND skydiving is okay – it’s not a mutually exclusive situation! No sweat. 

Sometimes a good old-fashioned step back from the skydiving world helps to put things in perspective – think of it like distance making the heart grow fonder. If skydiving is the love of your life (which we’re sure it is), then it will come back to you with more invigoration than ever. 

Similar to temporarily stepping away from other things, be deliberate about it. Don’t form a permanent couch indentation and watch Mamma Mia on repeat, but take time to pursue other interests. Finally hit that weekend brunch, learn to surf, read a book, or progress in literally anything else you love – get to know yourself without skydiving. No more excuses of, “I cOuLdN’t Do It, I wAs BuSy JuMpInG.” 

5. Learn 

If you read the “take a break” section and immediately scoffed, this one’s for you. Engulfing yourself in all things skydiving (like, who invented it) can also reinvigorate your love for the sport. Read magazines, check out some interviews, and be intentional about diving into the specifics of the sport. 

Think about everything you hope to know about skydiving, and then actually learn about it. Ask the experts. Do research. Heck, read the SIM! 

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6. Prioritize Community 

We all know the skydiving community is the most special on the entire planet, there’s no argument there. But when we get caught up in advancing in the sport and our days start to look like this: arrive, manifest, jump, pack, manifest, jump, pack … burnout can happen! 

It’s critical to act with purpose when integrating with the community. Ask the newer jumper how their progression is coming along. Listen when people talk with you about their successes and struggles in the sport and in life. Remember to be thoughtful and have a mindful approach when spending time with your sky family – they’re awesome skydivers, but they’re also human beings, just like you! 

If the burnout bug is on your heels or has taken the place of your fervor, you’re not alone! Many of us have been there and we can work through it together. 

Just like every successful relationship in our lives, we must invest in our relationship with skydiving. Don’t let a little mojo meltdown get ya down – everything comes in waves, and with some volition, you’ll be back in the sky in no time! We can’t wait to have you (back). 

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