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First Time Skydiving


Top 10 Tips for Preparing for Your First Time Skydiving

You’ve booked your first skydive, which means the countdown is on. Here are some pro first time skydiving tips to help you get ready for your skydiving experience:

    • Have Your Documents: Every USPA (United States Parachute Association) Member skydiving dropzone is mandated to confirm that first time skydivers (or any skydivers) are at least 18 years old. Double check that you have your valid, government-issued photo ID on you ahead of your drive to the dropzone (aka skydiving center).

    • Know Your Weight: To keep everyone safe under canopy, dropzones strictly enforce weight restrictions. Not a super-fun number to commit to memory, but know your weight (with clothes on) ahead of making your booking. At Skydive California, the max is 225 lbs.
    • Eat and Drink (Water): Skydiving is not like riding a roller coaster; your stomach is not going to drop. Feeling queasy in the sky results from either not eating, eating too much, or dehydration. Eat a balanced meal and drink plenty of water ahead of your jump.
    • Be Flexible: Skydivers are known to say “Blue skies!” because the weather has to be damn-near perfect for jumping. Poor visibility, wind, and storms cause delays for good reason. Be flexible and patient, and keep your calendar open for the day so you’re not stressed about being on time for your next engagement.
    • Relax: You’re about to embark on a life-altering adventure. Breathe and enjoy the moment; try not to stress.
    • Buy the Video and Photos: Your first skydive is social media GOLD. It might feel like a splurge at the time but definitely, buy the video and photo package. The number one regret our guests have is that they didn’t document their experience.

    • Honor Your Feelings: The standard operating procedure is to feel nervous (or really effing scared). That’s okay. It’s part of it!
    • Smile: You’re in a brand new environment, absorbing lots of new information – it’s easy to forget to smile, but smile for the camera. This especially applies in freefall. Unengaged facial muscles tend to flap in the wind. A smiling face looks amazing mid-air.
    • Scream!: Similarly to #8, some people forget to breathe during freefall. There’s no shortage of air up there, so take it all in and let it all out. Scream! Yell! Celebrate!

  • Dress Appropriately: It tends to be a bit chilly up there, even in Summer. A couple of close-fitting layers is likely all you need. On top, consider a tank top or T under a long-sleeved shirt; ideally, both are long enough to fit over your hips so they tuck in snugly under the skydiving harness. On the bottom, yoga or athletic pants will fit the bill. Snug-fitting sneaks will guarantee landing with shoes on your feet. Avoid tassels, pom-poms and on-trend hardware that’ll flap in the wind, potentially flying off and/or hitting you in the face. Be comfortable.

Alright! You’re officially ready for your first time skydiving! If you’re like most of our guests, we’re likely to see real soon for your second. 

If you’re in northern California or near the Bay Area, then book your first skydive with Skydive California!

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