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Skydiving Doesn’t Discriminate


What makes us feel whole? Toward the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy, nestled just above the basic necessities of food, warmth, security, and safety, are our physiological needs. Of great import here is that the most basic of these psychological exigencies is the desire to belong.  Although the national climate is changing in favor of a more inclusive America, finding a place where you fit in can still be tough. So many minds out there are still closed, sealed shut, and barred by prejudice. 

So, is there any place where people can just…be? 

Yes, and allow us to formally welcome you to the dropzone because skydiving doesn’t discriminate.

You might already know that skydiving is an incredibly fun and popular pastime. Some folks even go so far as to build entire careers within the skydiving industry. But, did you know that the skydiving community is also one of the most inclusive groups out there? The community bridges gaps both political and philosophical. It is hard to say exactly why, (maybe it’s something about freefall blowing the nonsense right off of us) but no matter your creed, color, or orientation, there are wide-open minds and wide-open arms ready and waiting to welcome you in. We promise there is plenty of room for you here!

Building Community with Skydiving | Skydive California

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Love

Skydiving doesn’t discriminate against different sexual orientations. Since 1999, June has typically been LGBTQ+ Pride month, but around our dropzone jumpers of all orientations are welcomed year-round. Frankly, homophobia has no place in the world, and it certainly is not tolerated within skydiving. 

Skydivers have better things to spend their time on–most of which may look downright silly. I mean have you ever seen anyone dirt diving what looks like a glorified line dance? Well, we may look silly but we would much rather spend our time that way than spreading hate. 

It Doesn’t Matter What Faith You Keep 

There are skydivers all over the globe which means, naturally, there are skydivers from faiths that run the gambit of practicing Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, and some that just believe in being the best you, you can be. Surprising as it may be, skydiving doesn’t discriminate based on religion, and most skydivers don’t care what faith you follow. They don’t care what holy text your faith is informed by as long as you’ve got a logbook in tow. 

Skydiving Doesn't Discriminate | Skydive California

It Doesn’t Matter What Color Skin You’re Wrapped In

Skydivers are only concerned with the color of your skin if it looks like you scored a gnarly bruise on landing.  Now, we’re not color blind: we fully appreciate that this particular bit of phenotypic expression is what makes us each unique. However, we want to be clear, skydivers don’t discriminate based on skin color because having diverse and different cultures is what makes our freefallin’, fun lovin’ group of folks truly interesting.

The cut and dry of it is if you insist on discriminating against other humans, you’ll have fewer people to flop around the sky with. In skydiving, we believe in the more the merrier, so to do anything to ruin that would be just plain silly!

Ready to fit right in? The dropzone is waiting. See you soon! Call us today.

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