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Skydiving Near the Bay Area – What To Know


The Golden State is a skydiver’s dream and Bay Area skydiving is easier to find than you may think. On the outskirts of San Francisco lies a playground in the sky for thrill-seekers and adventurers: Skydive California. 

Adding a skydive to your bucket list is a MUST, and we’re here to break down the ins and outs of skydiving in the Bay Area to make sure you have the best experience EVER! 

How Much Is Skydiving: Bay Area? 

Ask anyone who jumps out of airplanes for fun and they’ll tell you: skydiving is a priceless activity. We can acknowledge, though, that skydiving is generally on the expensive side of things … but, you’ll be surprised to know, that the best places to skydive in California come at quite the bargain compared to the rest of the nation! Why? Competition. 

Here’s a quick Skydive California price breakdown: 

  • 10,000 feet altitude tandem skydive: $199 (Fridays only)
  • 13,000 feet altitude tandem skydive: $219 (most popular!)
  • 15,000 feet altitude tandem skydive: $299 (our highest option!) 

Skydiving in the Bay Area is an unparalleled adventure, perfect for locals or those here on holiday. Just imagine the whipping wind, pumping adrenaline, and heart-pounding freefall. Then suddenly, peace under the parachute as you drink in the panoramic views of the Bay Area – glistening water, sprawling cityscape – and all your troubles melt away. You can’t put a number on an experience like this! 

Before we move on to the best Cali skydiving, we need to give you our two cents regarding price and proximity. Think about choosing a tattoo artist or a plastic surgeon. Would you pick either of these based on their location and cost … or their expertise, passion for their work, and standard to which they hold themselves? 

Skydiving is the same in the sense that it’s way more important to pick a place that prioritizes safety and has a passionate and experienced staff, rather than somewhere that leaves you scratching your head over what they value

What Is The Best Place To Skydive In California? 

There are a lot of skydiving centers to choose from along the Left Coast, which makes it critical that we give you all the guidance you need to make the most informed decision when seeking out the best skydiving in California! 

Choosing the best place to do your first skydive can be a daunting experience because it’s foreign to you! We get it, which is why we’re here to give our top four tips to consider when choosing the best spot to leap into the wild, blue yonder.  

1. Reviews. 

Think about choosing a restaurant. No, no, not the hole-in-the-wall place you randomly stumble upon that turns out to be ah-mazing (although those are the best!), but the restaurants you actually research. You know, the dinners you methodically plan for date nights and special celebrations. What do you do before booking a table? Look at the reviews! 

Choosing a skydiving center is just like that. Reviews are super important because they provide real-deal testaments from people who have trusted a particular dropzone with their lives – and they either have great or not-so-great feedback to share. 

At Skydive California, we have a 4.9-star review average out of nearly 500 Google reviews – proof positive that we value your time, are committed to our safety-first culture, and consistently deliver a truly unforgettable experience! 

2. Altitude & Aircraft. 

In the skydiving world, size matters! Although the Cessna-182 is the OG jumping plane (and is a reliable little sucker), there are bigger and better planes. Most skydivers prefer to jump between 13,000 and 15,000 feet because it ensures a full minute of freefall time – more time for in-air activities!

We fly a Cessna Caravan, which soars to 13,000 feet in a quick 15 minutes. These planes allow multiple jumpers onboard at once, making group skydives one of our specialties. 

3. Weather. 

We’re not meteorologists, we’re skydivers, but we do spend a lot of time out in the elements (AKA, the sky), and we’ve learned how to read it a fair bit … sometimes better than the weather people *insert side eye emoji*… 

You may be surprised to learn that it can be advantageous to go a little further inland when skydiving in California. Yes, the California coast boasts ocean views, but with this comes a menace to skydivers – the almost-daily marine layer. 

Particularly prominent in the summer months, the marine layer is an overwhelming layer of fog created when warm air mixes with the cool air coming from the ocean. It seeps inland from the ocean, meaning dropzones closer to the coast – like those who skydive the Golden Gate or offer skydiving near Napa Valley – often endure weather holds until it “burns off” later in the day. 

Skydive California is located just far enough from the sea to enjoy the views without having to battle the burdensome fog monsters. We are just over an hour from San Jose and San Francisco, and less than two from Napa and Sonoma. 

4. Customer Service. 

You can’t get the total customer service picture until you’re an on-site customer, but you can get a sense from the phone and online interactions you have before you arrive. How are the vibes? Do you feel comfortable when calling the dropzone to ask questions? Do they sound rushed and vague or relaxed and competent while providing answers and easing concerns? Do you feel reassured after researching the dropzone, or are you left feeling more apprehensive than ever? If your gut says something feels off, trust it. 

We’re big on customer service at Skydive California – as you’ll see from the many Google reviews we mentioned. And we’re a proud United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member Dropzone. This means that we strictly abide by the rules, regulations, and recommendations set by the USPA. Dropzones should present a safety-oriented mindset in everything they do, and if this doesn’t seem to be the case, then cross them off your search list, stat!

Want to talk more about Bay Area skydiving? Connect with us. We’re happy to chat about all things skydiving! As the premier skydiving center in Northern California, we cannot wait to host you for an epic day of fun, adventure, and empowerment! Blue skies!

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