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Why Do People Skydive?


Why do people skydive? Are they completely off their rockers? Or are they on to something? 

An oft-repeated quotation inspired by the words of St. Thomas Aquinas addresses the difficulty of explaining why people skydive: “To those who jump, no explanation is necessary, to those who don’t jump, no explanation is possible.”

What an unsatisfying answer, right? Although there is a nugget of truth above (it is nearly impossible to completely explain why people skydive), there are a few common reasons people choose to take flight. 

Why Do People Skydive? | Skydive California

Transcending Fear

Fear, generally, results in inaction. What would it be like if you didn’t let fear hold you back? We bet you would have interviewed for that dream job instead of sticking to the same routine or, perhaps, pursued the love interest you thought was just out of your league. Maybe, you would have gone on that adventure you weren’t entirely sure you were prepared for. 

Many people skydive because they want to face a challenge and rise to the occasion. After all, if you can pull together the mental fortitude to jump out of a plane, what in the whole wide known world could possibly ever hold you back again? 

Skydiving gives you more than a confidence boost. It tests your mettle and rewrites who you are and how you respond to obstacles. 

The Thrill

There is no denying that skydiving is a thrill. You’ll make your way to an awe-inspiring 13,000 feet above the ground before taking that one crucial step into the boundless blue yonder. Within seconds, you’ll reach speeds of 120 mph and enjoy this fabulous freefall for almost a minute. Then, you’ll experience bliss as a beautiful parachute unfurls above you, and your instructor steers you back to the earth below. 

Skydiving is a rush unlike any other. So much so that it causes your brain to release a chemical cocktail of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. This mix is known to result in feelings of euphoria and will leave you, literally, on cloud nine for hours after.

For many first-timers, it is the promise of a thrilling experience that is the primary reason they skydive.

Skydiving Community

You may notice something within just a few moments at a dropzone: curiously, it seems like everyone is tuned into the same frequency. The environment is lively, and the people are jovial. If you talk to just about any licensed skydiver, they’ll likely tell you that they found their way to the dropzone solely to feel the thrill we mentioned above, but they remained within the sport because of the skydiving community. 

As a group, skydivers are people who have fallen in love with living. They strive to make the most of every day they’ve been given and seek to see others doing the same. They are a group of passionate individuals who have banded together. If you need a boost, whether it relates to skydiving or not, the skydiving community is there to help. The amount of support within this special group is practically unparalleled, and you will often see the skydiving community readily come together when a member is in need. 

Man in blue skydiving gear learning on the ground AFF training at Skydive California.

No Cookie-Cutter Answer

There’s no one-size-fits-all reasoning for taking to the sky. The specific motivations for skydiving may vary from person to person—but we can say with certainty the freedom the experience provides is universal.  

Skydiving With Skydive California

To get the most out of your skydiving experience, it is important to feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Ultimately, this level of comfort comes down to selecting a facility that aligns with your values. At Skydive California, we are committed to five core principles: safety, inclusivity, customer service, professionalism, and fun. These are the tenets of our operation, and they guide each decision we make. 

Take a look to see what’s important to us. 

And if you’d rather not just take our word for it, our reviews speak directly to the caliber of our operation and the skydiving experience as a whole.

Are you ready to figure out why people skydive first-hand? Book online or give us a call. We can’t wait to show you!

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