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Can You Eat Before Skydiving?


It’s the day of your big jump. You’ve been waiting for this moment for years. You wake up early and head to the kitchen, ready to dump a big ol’ breakfast all over those butterflies in your stomach. But wait … can you eat before skydiving? Can you drink before skydiving?? You can, and you should! 

Although, more important than asking yourself “Can I eat before skydiving?” is to be mindful of what you eat before skydiving. This goes for what you drink, too. There are plenty of ways to prepare for the best experience of your life, and eating and drinking the right thing is a big one. 

Putting the right amount of the right food and drink in your belly takes some consideration, and we’re here to help you figure it out. 

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Choosing the Right Food

Now that you can answer, “Is it ok to eat before skydiving? you next need to strategize the what and the how much. If you’re thinking that skydiving on a full stomach is a bad idea, you’re right! It may be tempting to have a fortifying breakfast before your big day, but it’s a better idea to temper your cravings until later. There’ll be plenty of time for a celebratory blowout at dinner! 

It’s also not a good idea to skip eating anything at all. You want to find a good balance between stuffing and starving yourself. Your jump should be top of mind, not your empty (or too-full belly). Your pre-jump meal should leave you just satisfied enough. 

Plan to prepare for your first skydive as you would for an athletic event. Eat mild and nutritious food; skip the hot sauce and grease. Don’t eat anything that will slosh around in your stomach or cause you to feel sluggish, even if those foods are the tastiest. Your body needs fuel to keep you energized without weighing you down. 

In short: get your fix for the day in the air, not at the table!

Stay Hydrated!

Water is just as – if not more – important as food. Your body gets dehydrated quicker than it gets hungry, especially in hot weather. Most importantly, your brain needs hydration to stay alert and focused. Make sure you are bringing enough water to the dropzone with you to consistently sip throughout the day. 

Believe it or not, food is also part of hydration! A lot of the electrolytes your body needs come from the food you eat. Eating will replenish vital sodium and amino acids that your body and brain need to function properly. It will also trigger your thirst and increase the amount of water you want to drink.

An important note on what (not) to drink: you are not allowed to go skydiving after consuming alcohol of any kind. Save it for your post-jump party! 

Can I Eat at the Drop Zone?

You betcha! Pack some snacks and get ready to hang out. Skydive California has plenty of space to lounge around before and after your jump. While you can’t purchase food or drinks at the dropzone, you are welcome to bring a cooler with anything you need to get you through the day (as long as it’s non-alcoholic, of course). 

You are encouraged to bring enough food and water to keep you fueled and hydrated for a few hours. Sometimes the process of checking in, training, and getting on a load can take some time. You want to make sure that you stay comfortable throughout the process. Even if you had a well-balanced breakfast, think about how you’re going to feel at lunchtime. 

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But What if I Get Sick?

Does your tendency for getting motion sickness have you vocalizing, “Should I skydive??” (insert fingernail-biting gif here!). We get it; it’s a concern for lots of folks thinking about going skydiving. After all, we’ve all seen the videos of people losing their lunch on a skydive. If you’re one of the lucky ones who haven’t, this is your sign not to google it. But regardless of how much we wish it wouldn’t happen, the reality is that every now and again it does. 

Luckily, freefall isn’t the problem and you will be able to enjoy that part of the skydive no matter what. The issue comes once the parachute opens. A combination of the adrenaline rush and the floaty canopy ride can trigger a motion sickness response. 

While you may be tempted to forego all food so that you won’t have anything in your stomach to expel, eating the right meal actually helps you to not get sick. Keeping your body as regulated as possible will help you feel your best. This includes eating! Your body needs the nutrients and energy to combat the spike of adrenaline you will receive when you leave the plane. 

You can also take motion sickness medications, wear motion sickness bracelets, and do breathing exercises to keep your brain calm and the food in your stomach. 

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