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Top 10 Fun Things To Do While Skydiving


It’s no secret that skydivers love to have fun – between skydiving traditions, boogies (skydiving events), and even skydiving jokes on weather days. Why? Because skydiving humor is important! It is scientifically proven to help you become a better skydiver by calming those pesky nerves, bringing skydivers closer together, and reminding you to not take things so seriously if a jump goes sour.

The list of fun things to do while skydiving is neverending – mostly because skydiving in itself is FUN, but also because skydivers can get pretty creative. Ever heard of naked skydiving? Yeah… that’s a thing.

So without further ado, here are Skydive California’s top 10 fun things to do while skydiving!

These are in no particular order, so choose whichever tickles your fancy. Or, better yet, do them all!


This one is probably the easiest (and most popular) stunts to achieve, especially with Halloween approaching. Just grab your favorite costume, onesie, or tutu (you might already have one in mind) and get on the plane! Grab a group of friends to dress up with you or even choose a theme – like Harry Potter! You can even play quidditch while in the sky.


This is a classic skydiving gag jump! Everyone holds onto a piece of Mr. Potato Head and attempts to place the pieces onto the potato while in freefall. Easier said than done!


For this skydiving trick, you’ll need some kind of inflatable raft – whether it is a rubber ducky, unicorn, or even an alligator. Grab a group of skydivers to help you pull it off – you’ll all be laughing so hard that your stomach will hurt! Honestly, it can be quite difficult to hold onto the raft and get it through the airplane exit door. Good luck!


And by ‘hoop’ we mean HULA hoop! Yes, you can bring a hula hoop with you on your skydive and take turns flying through it. Just make sure the hula hoop is sturdy enough to withstand the high winds. See how many people can get through it before it’s time to break off!


Another super easy fun thing to do while skydiving is … Skyball! Take a weighted ball with you on your skydive and try tossing it around to your friends. Just make sure someone grabs in right before it’s time to pull your parachute. Get creative – make up your own rules as you go!


Freefly tubes are super popular, not just because it’s an aesthetically pleasing addition to your next skydiving video. Freefly tubes are great for practicing dynamic bodyflight control and zoomin’ around with your buddies. Woo!


Do you know the best way to cool off after a hot day of jumping? Landing onto a slip ‘n slide of course!

wingsuiting more to tandem jumping


Know a wingsuiter? Well, ask them if they’d be willing to be a bull for the day and take them on a wingsuit rodeo. Or if you are the wingsuiter you can search for your cowgirl or cowboy. This one is pretty hard to pull off, but if you can – it’s pretty magical! Essentially, the non-wingsuiter will ride on the back of the wingsuiter. Hold on tight!


Another famous duo skydiving trick is to perform a Mr. Bill. This is where two skydivers will jump out together. One skydiver will pull their parachute right away while the other skydiver holds onto their rig. This one can get a lil’ sketchy so make sure you know what you’re doing!


This one requires a B-license equivalent (50 jumps). You’ll be amazed at the difference you feel when you first jump out. Because the hot air balloon isn’t traveling a significant amount of distance, you jump into what’s called “dead air” and you experience the feeling of weightlessness. Also, it makes for a great new profile pic!

You may, or may not, have noticed that all of these require a skydiving license – which is the most fun thing to do of all! Learn to skydive with Skydive California so you can fulfill your skydiving bucket list. Blue skies!

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