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Best Places To Skydive In The World



Skydiving is one of the most popular bucket list items on everyone’s list along with traveling the world – so why not kill two proverbial birds with one fantastic stone!? We’ve got the list of the absolute BEST places to skydive in the world. No more wondering where to go skydiving, we’ve got it all laid out for you! These skydiving locations are in no particular order, so choose whatever ‘tickles your fancy’.

Whether you are a first-time tandem skydiver looking for the most scenic places, or an experienced skydiver looking for the best fleet of aircraft – we’ve got you covered!


Skydive California

With passion, professionalism, inclusivity, and fun top of mind, Skydive California is truly Northern California’s premier skydiving facility. This DZ is located on a private airstrip near the San Francisco Bay Area and has an awesome fleet of aircraft and huge landing area. The sky and ground crew is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the facilities are very well-maintained. 

Skydive Carolina

With their fleet of three perfectly maintained aircraft (one being the desirable Twin Otter) and the biggest landing area you’ve ever seen, it’s no wonder Skydive Carolina is one of the most popular dropzones in America. Located on the South Carolina side of the NC/SC border, they’re known for their Southern Hospitality. You gotta check it out, y’all!

Skydive the Gulf

Take a gander at the Florida and Alabama coast from a whole new perspective! Skydive the Gulf allows you to land on one of America’s most picture-perfect beaches, Orange Beach. You can even do a beach landing at the famous Flora-Bama Lounge & Beach Bar at SUNSET! Just imagine the stunning view of the orange and pink skies while landing on powdery white sands. Ahhhh!

Skydive Key West

Nothing beats an unobstructed view of the beautiful blue ocean from 10,000 feet, and Skydive Key West boasts breathtaking views of the fabulous Florida Keys. We are not exaggerating when we say it is truly mind-blowing! While the sights alone are worth it, it’s not the only reason to visit this dropzone – the staff is incredible and will make your tandem skydiving experience unforgettable! 

Skydive New England

This 100% privately- and veteran-owned dropzone is in a wonderfully rustic location in the beautiful state of Maine. Skydive New England has been in the skydiving biz for decades and is known for their family-friendly atmosphere, excellent safety record, and 22-passenger Twin Otter aircraft – one of the most preferred skydiving aircraft in the world!

Skydive Paraclete XP

Known for their huge aircraft fleet, Skydive Paraclete XP is North Carolina’s premier skydiving destination. This dropzone welcomes all experience levels and is home to world-class skydivers and – meeting all team training requirements – phenomenal competitors. The DZO also runs the largest wind tunnel in the US, Paraclete XP, located just 15 minutes down the road!

Skydive Perris

Skydive Perris has everything you would ever want/need at a dropzone – a true skydiver’s paradise! With a huge fleet of turbine aircraft, Perris attracts some of the world’s best skydivers. Mega bonuses: swimming pool with lounge area, full-service restaurant and bar, and onsite wind tunnel! *cue heart eyes* Oh, and it’s just outside of Los Angeles so you might even spot some celebs!

Skydive Tecumseh

Known as one of the best-run dropzones in the USA, Michigan’s Skydive Tecumseh is a true gem with amazing facilities and fantastic deals for experienced jumpers. Something you don’t see very often – tandem jumps offered from 9,000, 14,000, and even 18,000 feet! With a King Air and a PAC 750XL, this multi-turbine DZ gets you to altitude lightning fast.

Texas Skydiving

Known for its deliberately non-competitive atmosphere and super fun vibes, Texas Skydiving is a tight-knit, ‘small but mighty’ dropzone on a private airstrip that was built on a real-life farm! Yes, that means you have the opportunity to land amongst friendly farm animals like llamas and donkeys. Swoon! Go tandem, learn to skydive, or jump for fun with the happiest skydivers in Texas! 

Wisconsin Skydiving Center

Wisconsin Skydiving Center is recognized as one of the happiest dropzones in the USA! They are intentional with their focus on community, their commitment to advancing the sport, and to engaging best-in-class staff. Every day is a celebration of life – and they showcase their joy of living it to the fullest with fantastic end-of-day family barbecues. It’s a guaranteed good time! 



GoSkydive specializes in tandem skydiving and is known for having the best customer service in all of Europe. The entire team – including their award-winning Apprentices – is super skilled, passionate about the sport, and determined to give you the perfect first-time skydiving experience. There is an extremely professional atmosphere from check in to touch down.

Skydive Hibaldstow

Impeccable facilities, fast aircraft, and large packing/creeper areas have earned Skydive Hibaldstow a reputation for being among the UK’s best team training centers. They host numerous skydiving events (including charity events) and camps, and have dedicated load organizers, making it a great spot for improving or showcasing your skills! Plus, they offer two tandem skydiving altitude options!


Skydive Algarve, Portugal

Located in the beautiful and quaint town of Alvor, Skydive Algarve offers impressive coastal views from 7,500, 10,000 or 15,000 feet – and yes, they also offer beach jumps! This dropzone’s location, team training accommodations, and fast aircraft means it’s becoming increasingly popular for first-time skydivers, those learning to skydive, and fun jumpers.

Skydive Bovec, Slovenia

Skydive Bovec is another contender in the ranking for one of the world’s most scenic places to go skydiving. Located in the Bovec Basin between the town of Bovec and the stunning Soča River (nicknamed the Emerald Beauty because of its turquoise waters), this DZ is surrounded by postcard-perfect mountain views. A resort atmosphere and fabulous facilities. Get there!

Skydive Empuriabrava, Spain

With amazing ocean views, world-class skydiving teams, and even a nearby wind tunnel, Skydive Empuriabrava is one of Europe’s biggest and busiest skydiving centers. This dropzone has been a well-known organizer of world-level skydiving events and competitions since 1989 and has received a multitude of well-deserved awards and records.

Skydive Fano, Italy

This highly professional dropzone has not one but TWO PC-6 airplanes, stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, and even a play area for kids! Passion for our sport is clearly alive and well at Skydive Fano – it’s evident in their strong commitment to teaching and learning, in their hosting of competitions and stellar events, and in the caliber of skydivers they attract. 

Skydive Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Nothing quite compares to what’s on offer at the unique and absolutely amazing dropzone in the Swiss Alps, Skydive Lauterbrunnen. You will take a helicopter flight to 14,000 feet before freefalling over the Glaciers of the Eiger and into the Lauterbrunnen Valley – the valley of waterfalls! Seriously, don’t neglect to get video of this incredible skydiving experience!

Skydive Spain

This dropzone located near Sevilla offers great amenities for tandem skydivers, students and experienced jumpers. Known for their fantastic hospitality, professional training, comprehensive skydiving courses, and multi-turbine aircraft, Skydive Spain is the ultimate destination for all-day jumping in sweet and sunny, Southern Spain.

Skydive Voss, Norway

Skydive Voss has some of the world’s most spectacular views in a town that respects the notion of adventure in a way no other place on Earth does! Imagine riding under canopy through a gorgeous valley with waterfalls in the background – oh yeah! This dropzone even has a wind tunnel, Vossvind, located just 5 minutes away. You might never want to leave!


Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai is one of the most popular and iconic locations worldwide for skydivers of all levels. Renowned for consistently hosting the best-of-the-best skydiving legends and playing host to multiple Guinness World Records, this dropzone is top-of-the-charts amazing. And I mean, who doesn’t want that infamous photo above the Palm


Gold Coast Skydiving

Award-winning, family-owned and operated Gold Coast Skydiving not only offers the most breathtaking views of Australia’s white sandy beaches, but you also have the opportunity to land on the iconic Kirra Beach! You can opt in for an aerobatic experience too! There’s no end to the will ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ to be had at the Gold Coast’s only skydiving dropzone!

Skydive Jurien Bay

With incredible turquoise coastal views, it’s no wonder Skydive Jurien Bay is one of Western Australia’s most popular locations for skydiving. Their commitment to excellence, amazing staff, and top-notch facilities are what have earned this  family-owned and operated DZ numerous business and tourism awards – and it’s what will keep you coming back! Located just south of Perth.

Skydive Oz

For starters, the owner of Skydive Oz – Paul (Poo) Smith – is a skydiving legend! Having literally designed the DZ for skydivers, Poo and his crew know exactly what they’re doing. The facilities are immaculate with pretty much everything you can think of, including boarding rooms. And with a pristine beach on one side and river on the other, the views are incredible. What more could you ask for?

Skydive Ramblers

Located on Australia’s east coast in Toogoolawah, Skydive Ramblers is a famous, family-operated dropzone that has been flying over Queensland since 1972! They host A+ events and world-class comps, and offer fantastic amenities, including a pool, cafe, and air conditioned accommodations. Oh, and you can land amongst kangaroos! This is one of the most unique dropzones in the world!

SA Skydiving

The team members at SA Skydiving are extremely professional and friendly, which is what has earned this dropzone the title of #1 choice for skydiving in Adelaide, South Australia. With fantastic deals and three stunning locations – each with outstanding amenities – for tandem skydivers, students, and fun jumpers, you can’t go wrong jumping with SA Skydiving!


NZone Skydiving, South Island

Located in Queenstown – known as the Adventure Capital of the World – NZone Skydiving is a tandem skydiving dropzone that truly offers a thrill of a lifetime. What’s more, NZone was New Zealand’s first tandem operation and the only one to have won the country’s Supreme Tourism Award. Nestled among picturesque mountains and lakes, this is the New Zealand you’re looking for.

Skydive Auckland, North Island

Escape everyday life and experience the thrill of freefall from 20,000 feet – one of the highest tandem skydives in the world! Skydive Auckland is rated #1 of 229 TripAdvisor experiences which – considering their 17-seat turbine plane and phenomenal views – is not at all surprising. A favorite among professional skydivers, don’t miss this out of this world NZ DZ!

No matter where you are today or where you plan to go tomorrow, chances are there’s an awesome dropzone in your region – and if you’re lucky enough that it’s one of these unforgettable DZs, we can guarantee you’re in for one of the best days of your life! 

Our favorite on the list? Skydive Cal, of course!! Book your jump with us and see why we’re worth writing home about! Blue skies!!

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