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Outdoor Skydiving vs Indoor Skydiving


Indoor skydiving, outdoor skydiving, what’s the difference? Skydiving is skydiving right? To help explain why it’s not, let’s have ourselves a little philosophical art lesson.

It all starts with a fellow named Rene Magritte. Magritte is a Belgian Surrealist well known for the painting “The Treachery of Images.” The painting itself is relatively simple. Amidst a background of beige is a pipe, beneath the pipe is the following phrase: Ceci n’est pas une pipe. In case your French is rusty, the phrase translates to “This is not a pipe.”

ceci n'est pas une pipe skydiving vs indoor skydiving

You might be thinking: “SAY WHAT!? I beg your pardon…that is most certainly a pipe.” While seemingly absurd, our buddy Magritte has a point. Because it is a painting of a pipe not an ACTUAL pipe. Get it!?

So how does this relate AT ALL to indoor skydiving and outdoor skydiving?

Similarly, indoor skydiving isn’t exactly skydiving, inasmuch as you’re not really diving into the sky (as the name skydiving would imply). Indoor skydiving is a simulation. The experience is like if you took a snapshot of one of the parts of a skydive (the freefall) and said, this is skydiving. Upon closer inspection, it’s not NOT skydiving, because it contains an element of a skydive, but it’s not really skydiving, either, now is it?

That being said. Indoor skydiving can still be an amazing experience. In fact, indoor skydiving is an option best suited for those who may not be able to handle the demands of outdoor skydiving. It’s a good solution for younger children, teenagers, and older adults who want a controlled indoor thrill with a bit of the feeling that outdoor skydiving offers.

outdoor skydiving vs indoor skydiving

Outdoor Skydiving

What noticeably differentiates indoor and outdoor skydiving is location. Tired of spending their days indoors, outdoor sport enthusiasts look to outdoor skydiving because of the freedom it entails and the variance of experience it offers. The changes may be minute, like a slight temperature change or a marginal increase of visibility across the horizon, or maybe something grand, like the famed sunset skydive or a jump set against a cloudless horizon. These changes help set the two apart. No two outdoor skydives are exactly alike.

outdoor skydiving vs indoor skydiving

More so than indoor skydiving, outdoor skydiving is an involved experience composed of many parts. After gearing up, jumpers participating in outdoor skydiving board an aircraft to travel to jump altitude. When this height is reached, it is time to exit. With a brisk rush of cool air, the door opens, time slows down, and you position yourself for exit. Ready. Set.


You’re flying, freefalling, and taking in just how beautiful the view is up here. You can see for miles. We might be partial, but the outdoor skydiving view is the best we’ve ever seen. And it gets even better. There’s more to outdoor skydiving than freefall. While indoor skydiving can become a little one-note, nothing gets your adrenaline pumping quite like outdoor skydiving. Outdoor skydiving is a dynamic experience that offers plenty of “bang for your buck.

At the appropriate altitude, the parachute is deployed, and the fun continues. Your parachute ride to the ground can be as docile or as exciting as you like. Glide around, visit the clouds, spiral down—there are a plethora of options. Admittedly, outdoor skydiving isn’t for everyone. Potential skydivers need to be in reasonably good health and at least 18 years of age.

outdoor skydiving

So, which should you choose: Indoor Skydiving or Outdoor Skydiving?

Honestly, it depends on what is the better choice for you. If you’re too young or perhaps not physically well enough to handle the demands of outdoor skydiving, indoor skydiving is a great option.

But, if you are 18 years of age or older and want to experience something you will never forget, we are of the mindset experiencing outdoor skydiving may be a fantastic way to change your perspective (literally and figuratively) forever!

Just as Monsieur Magritte’s painting of a pipe was not a pipe, so reading an article about skydiving is not skydiving. Move your interest from the screen to the real thing. Come make a skydive at Skydive California today.

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