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Five Questions Every First Time Jumper Should Ask


So, you’re finally ready to take the greatest leap of your LIFE when your brain tries to rationalize, “wait, WHAT am I about to do!?” Well, you’re about to have a freakin’ blast, but there are some skydiving questions your brain is right to make you consider. Let’s get some of these addressed before your first tandem skydiving experience!

Is Skydiving Safe? 

Skydiving is an extreme sport that is inherently risky, but the risk factor is calculated to a TEE. Profound advancements in skydiving tech and training have been consistently introduced since the sport’s advent and today the sport is, according to the United States Parachute Association (USPA), “safer than ever before.” 

Annually, the USPA publishes data regarding skydiving fatalities and injuries and how they could’ve been prevented. In 2021, the USPA recorded 10 skydiving fatalities out of approximately 3.57 MILLION skydives. This is the lowest annual statistic in recorded USPA history (i.e. six decades). While each skydiving fatality is heartbreaking, it is important to note that the vast majority of deaths involve experienced jumpers who push their limits and that of their gear. Equipment malfunctions are very rare. 

Female tandem jumper leaps from Skydive California air craft.

Tandem skydiving safety statistics are even more impressive. The 10-year average reported by the USPA is one student skydiver death per 500,000 jumps – and in 2021, there were zero student deaths. Tandem skydiving is highly regulated and routine, and involves extremely experienced professionals. Tandem instructors have to have at least 500 jumps, as well as a laundry list of other credentials.

Fun fact – there is a day across the GLOBAL skydiving community called Safety Day that is annually held in March. The day is dedicated to studying pertinent safety measures and serves as both a refresher to veteran jumpers and an intro to the true seriousness of the sport for novice jumpers. 

What Does Skydiving Feel Like? 

In a word: nirvana. The feeling of skydiving is truly indescribable, but we’ll try our best. When we skydive, our bodies release adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. All of these chemicals mixed together create a truly unique experience. Imagine complete, emotional peace, mixed with a little bit of healthy fear (totally natural), and then combine that with a huge helping of FUN.

Can You Breathe While Skydiving? 

Yes! People tend to think that breathing while skydiving is an impossibility, but that just isn’t the case. There’s plenty of air up there and it’s self-serve! Nifty tip: to make sure you take a big breath in, YELL!!! Screaming when you exit the plane (maybe it’s a “heck yeah!” or more colorful words, heehee) will force your body to then take a deep inhale. 

Should I Get a Video? 

Hands down, 1000% yes. Our top priority on your jump day is safety, but a close second is having FUN. Regret is not fun, and we would hate for you to land and say “UGH! I wish I had a video of that!” Not only will a video allow you to relive an awesome and once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it’ll let you share it with other people! Imagine playing shuffleboard with your pals when you’re 90 and whipping out your phone-of-the-future to show off your skydive! Coolest ever.

Tandem student and instructor leaping out of Skydive California airplane.

How Do I Pick the Best Place to Skydive? 

Check the VIBES. Do you sense a welcoming, safe, and overall feel-good atmosphere when you contact the dropzone? 

Read reviews. Are they straight positive, or a little iffy? One of the biggest red flags to look out for is inconsistency. A dropzone may have five awesome reviews one weekend, and five horrific reviews the next. Consistency, consistency, consistency …

Your first skydive will only happen one time, and it’s worth it to really commit to the experience – even if that means forking over a little more for the place that looks best. Think of it this way: would you get a tattoo on the closest and cheapest shop, or would you research the artists to make an informed and dedicated decision? This experience will be tattooed on your heart forever!

Jump Day 101: What To Expect 

A first jump can be pretty overwhelming … you’re jumping from a freakin’ plane! We’re here to break down what to expect on the day of your jump to set you up for success.

The Night Before

Get plenty of rest, eat normally, and lay off the firewater!

The Morning Of

LET’S GOOOO!!!! GET HYPED!!!!! Get dressed, hydrate with that sweet agua, eat as you normally would (nothing too heavy; this is not the day to enter a hotdog eating contest), and drive safely to the dropzone. 

Arrive at the DZ (AKA the Happiest Place on Earth!)

You’ll be greeted by our awesome staff who’ll get you waivered up, answer your skydive questions, and make sure you’re calm, cool, and collected for the jump!

Brief Training

You’ll do a brief training to understand the basics of the jump to keep you and your instructor safe. Then you’ll get geared up, including sporting some super-trendy goggles to protect your eyeballs. Most importantly: relax! 

Send It!

You’ll load the aircraft with your tandem instructor, climb to altitude (where they’ll double-check, then triple and quadruple check everything), then you’ll exit … WOOO! The freefall will be exhilarating – a feeling of pure freedom – and the ride to the ground under the parachute will be supremely peaceful (unless you request a wild ride). 


After you land, you’ll likely be speechless – in total awe of what you just accomplished. Feel free to hang out and watch other jumpers land, learn more about the sport and our awesome community, or even sign up for a first jump course!

If you’re still asking “should I skydive?” then we’ll give it to you straight: YES! We would absolutely love to take you on your first skydive. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions, or to book your jump!

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