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How Much Does Skydiving Cost for the First Time?

Tandem Skydiving

If you’re here, you’ve probably decided going skydiving sounds like the best idea to ever exist – we agree! And now you’re likely thinking: wait a minute … how much does skydiving cost? Saving up for that first, unforgettable leap is way more attainable than you might think – no need to dump the ole piggy bank on the carpet and start tallying up. 

There are so many factors that go into skydiving prices, and this article will dive straight into the nitty-gritty of the “why’s” behind the cost to skydive. Let’s goooo! 

How Much Is Skydiving? 

At Skydive California, we have a few different skydiving options for first-timers! Here’s a quick breakdown: 

  • Friday tandem skydives from 10,000 feet: $199 
  • Saturday and Sunday tandem skydives from 13,000 feet: $219
  • Tandem skydives from 15,000 feet before 11 am: $299 (A STEAL!)
  • Skydiving with your pals is the BEST. When booking groups of five or more people, everyone gets $10 off their tandem skydiving cost. If you have more than 10 people in your group, give us a ring! 

What about the video? We have a few video options, ranging from $100 to $199 per jump. Capturing the magic of your first jump on film is 1000% worth it. Skydiving is an extraordinary experience that’s only enhanced when you get to relive it and share it with others! Being able to whip out a video or some photos when you’re feeling nostalgic about your jump (or if you have to prove to someone you did it) is invaluable. 

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What’s Included In Tandem Skydiving Cost? 

As you prepare to leap from thousands of feet above the earth, it’s essential to understand what’s included in the cost! Why? We pride ourselves on full transparency and we want you to be comfortable, let’s get into it! 

Skydiving Instructors

All of our tandem instructors are highly experienced professionals who have been rated by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and go through rigorous training to be able to soar the skies with people just like you! 

Training Session

Ground training is critical to understand your obligations as a tandem student (Rule #1: Always listen to your instructor!) and what to expect during the different stages of the skydive. The training brief is also the perfect time to express any concerns or ask any questions of your instructor. 

Skydiving Equipment 

Skydiving rigs (parachute, container, etc.) and tandem harnesses are highly sophisticated pieces of specialty equipment (and have a hefty price tag to match). We purchase and meticulously maintain top-of-the-line gear, as well as quality jumpsuits and goggles.

Ride to Altitude

Of course, there’s no jumping into the sky without a reliable jump ship! Our best-in-class aircraft take you on a stunning flight up to exit altitude. From there, you enjoy an invigorating 30 to 60 seconds of life-changing freefall and five to six minutes of serene parachute flight. (We’re gushing just thinking about it!). 

I Want To Save, But HOW!? 

Deep breaths, young one. Saving for skydiving is simple, let’s break it down. Think about what you buy every day, week, or month – perhaps a subscription you forgot about, drinks on Fridays, or an every-morning coffee (because, SAME). 

Let’s use the daily coffee as an example. If you buy a $5 latte every day, that’s $35 per week. And while 35 bucks doesn’t seem like much, it is when you realize it’s a $140 per month habit – yikes! If you cut out the morning latte for just two months, you’d have your tandem skydive covered with some left over! Now, we know making coffee at home for two months isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the point is to look at little expenses you can nix without crushing your quality of life. 

Be intentional about spending, scrap superfluous expenses, and keep your chin up – budgeting is hard, but it’ll be sooo worth it. A small sacrifice today results in the coolest experience of your life tomorrow (: 

Another idea: Ask for a tandem skydive gift certificate for your next milestone! 

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Is Skydiving As A Hobby Expensive? 

Skydiving is a sport that has a hefty upfront investment, BUT the costs significantly decrease over time. For example, experienced skydivers who own their gear pay $35 per jump! But, nearly all licensed jumpers would concur that the cost of jumping is essentially irrelevant – once you encounter the freedom the sport brings, it’s a no-brainer. Many skydivers make changes to their lifestyles (such as eating ramen more than normal) because being in the sport is just that worth it. 

Skydivers can pursue various avenues within the sport, such as parachute packing, videography, or even instruction, to share their love for the sport with others (and make some extra cash)! Wait a minute now…are you supposed to tip your tandem instructor? We’ll hit ya with the infamous saying: Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated! 

Is Skydiving Worth The Money? 

This is probably our favorite question of all time because it gives us the chance to geek out over the awesomeness of our sport! YES, the cost of skydiving is more than worth it. In reality, the euphoria gained from a skydive is priceless. 

Skydiving really isn’t about a crazy adrenaline rush or blue-skied views – although these are sick – it’s a gateway to an entire world of opportunities, personal growth, and community. Want to foster friendships with supportive and passionate people? Skydive! Have the desire to gain more confidence, kick your fears out the door, and conquer challenges (alongside those supportive people)? Skydive! Ready to embrace the unknown and gain a newfound “lease on life”? SKYDIVE. 

The cost of skydiving is a drop in the bucket compared to the forever memories and indescribable sense of accomplishment. Let’s surf the skies together – book your jump today! 

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