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5 Things You Won’t Expect About Your Skydive


5 Things You Won’t Expect About Your Skydive at Skydive California

Before anybody goes on their first skydive at Skydive California, most people wonder “what will a skydive even be like?” We know that you’ll find skydiving to be something greater than you could have ever imagined, but to help put your mind at ease, here are 5 Things You Won’t Expect About Your Skydive.

1. The People

Although popular media has their own take on what “skydivers’ are like, they aren’t quite right. Skydivers are not really a group of rambling rebels or shiftless folks.  And, most of all, skydivers certainly aren’t careless. Rather, at legitimate drop zones, you will find responsible men and women from all walks of life. You’ll find teachers, doctors, engineers, bankers, and financial consultants. There’s quite an age range of people that make the sky into their playground. You’ll see them all at the drop zone too: from fresh-faced newly-turned 18-year olds pursuing a skydiving license to jumpers in their mid 40’s acting as skydiving instructors. No matter the difference in age or occupation, these individuals have one thing in common. They want to make more than one skydive, and so, they are responsible with their gear and themselves.

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2. The Professionalism of the Operation

Okay, just like the misconceptions that exist when it comes to the people at a dropzone, you might have an image in your head of what a skydiving center is like. If you’ve seen Fandango, you might be expecting a ramshackle storage building and some half-rate instruction. Guess what? This is another instance where the media has got people convinced that things are lackadaisical and frankly, maybe even a little sketchy. At Skydive California, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Skydiving means too much to us to present anything other than a top-notch professional operation: we’re no shack in the middle of nowhere. Because we believe our customers deserve the experience of a lifetime, we have a large landing area full of green grass, a tidy store, and a welcoming tandem check-in area.

3. The Skydiving Experience

To describe the skydiving experience, first, we have to tell you what it is not. Skydiving is NOT like a roller coaster.  Roller coasters don’t even come close to the euphoric sensation of a skydive. Honestly, the sensation of freefall is completely unique, and even with all our expertise and searching, we haven’t found anything that is able to emulate the feeling of your first skydive. Basically, we are saying “expect” to not know exactly what to expect. The experience itself is something that you just have to “see to believe”. Except instead of passively seeing something, you’ll be freefalling at terminal velocity, watching the clouds zipping by, and wondering why you waited so long to give skydiving a try!

4. Skydiving is not scary.

Now, now, you’re probably thinking that a skydive being scary was the one sure thing you could count on to expect. Well, not so much. Out of your comfort zone? Very likely. Skydiving is not part of your usual realm. It’s certainly no trip to the grocery store.

Psyching yourself out when you are confronting or experiencing new things is easy. Try to resist it. Sure, mentally a skydive can be frightening, but the actual experience is nothing to be afraid of. When you leave the plane, you leave everything behind for 60 seconds of bliss. Fear is the farthest thing from your mind. Instead, you are fixated on just how amazing the skydive is.

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5. How it makes you feel

Senses sizzling; synapsis flashing like the 4th of July. You feel invincible. Talk about an elating experience. Wondering what to expect from your skydive? Well go ahead and get ready to feel like your on top of the world (after pretty much being on top of the world) for the next hour or so. After your skydive, you will literally feel like you are on cloud nine. It’s all science, and you can thank your adrenaline rush for the subsequent euphoric reaction. When you land, your heightened senses will have you feeling like superman (or superwoman!)

Ready to see if your new expectations meet reality? Schedule your skydive with Skydive California today!

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