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5 Awesome Experience Gifts in California



TICK, TOCK! The countdown to Christmas is on. Like, T minus (insert panic-infused number) of days on …

The post office has no chance of making this deadline, and even the speedy delivery guys are “estimating” a timely arrival of your lovely loot. It’s time to get creative. Fortunately, the gift of the experience is hot among all age groups – a trend that’s likely here for the long haul. Panic not, here are five unique experience gifts available year-round in sunny California:

1. Tandem Skydive at Skydive California

A tandem skydive is the perfect experience gift for hard-to-buy folks and the thrill-seeker set and makes for an awesome couples gift. Want to go the extra mile? Take a look at the jumping altitude options (13K, FTW) and throw in a video package.

tandem skydive california is skydiving safe

2. Indoor Skydiving

For those first-timers who aren’t so sure about heights – or for the experienced peeps who are keen for some serious practice time – indoor skydiving is a brilliant experience gift. The people watching is amazing too. From tots to teens and millennials to senior adults, all ages have access to the wind tunnel and everyone’s working on something spectacular. Invite yourself along for the ride.

3. Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) aka Solo skydiving Lessons

If you’re in the market to show someone that you care about their interests and sincerely support their passions, AFF courses are an easy win. For many, skydiving once is not enough. Those who are hungry for more would do anything to get sky high, like, way more. Courses are priced individually so you can pay as your loved one goes if that suits you best. 

accelerated freefall aff learn to skydive california

4. Tandem Paraglide

Paragliding gives high flyers a birds-eye view, literally. A tandem glide is a great way to experience some of California’s most picturesque spots from a whole new angle. Photos and videos are often an option from the hot seat – totally worth it.

5. Scuba Lessons (Open Water Certification)

If the California coast is your ultimate destination or you’ve got an exotic vacation on the books for the year ahead, Scuba lessons are a gift that keeps on giving for individuals and couples alike. You can explore underwater kelp forests, see some leopard sharks, play with the sea lions underwater, and see stingrays go whizzing by! 

There’s nothing like a skydiving gift card to save the day. Instant gratification, and solid social-media gold. Don’t forget your hashtags so you can help California’s small businesses grow.

Get after it, give an experience gift! Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!

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