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What is a Skydiving Outfit and What is it Used For?


Let’s Discuss Skydiving Outfits

The Golden State is well known for being fashion-forward; likewise, while it may never end up displayed street side or stocked in a cute boutique, our skydiving outfit has its own purpose and particular charm.

So, what is a skydiving outfit exactly?

Technically speaking, a skydiving outfit could be considered anything you wear skydiving. However, when most people query us about a skydiving outfit, they are referencing the over-clothes coverall we, in the biz, call a jumpsuit.

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Can you wear leggings skydiving?

Certainly! Athleisure wear is a great skydiving outfit choice because it lays close to the body and fits well beneath the skydiving jumpsuit. As long as the weather is warm enough and you feel cozy, you can wear leggings skydiving beneath the skydiving jumpsuit.

What should I wear underneath the jumpsuit?

Preferred skydiving outfit choices put comfort leagues before fashion. The perfect skydiving outfit would consist of comfortable athleisure or loose-fitting denim bottoms. Slim-fit is all the rage, but it won’t do you much good if you can’t freely move around. Keep this in mind to avoid spending the ride to altitude shifting uncomfortably with circulation cut off to your extremities! Dresses or skirts are usually a no-go beneath the skydiving jumpsuit because they won’t fit well or lay flat and can bunch uncomfortably.

It also pays to keep the weather in mind as you prepare your perfect skydiving ensemble. It’s about 20 degrees cooler at altitude than on the ground. So even in the midst of summer, there will be a bit of a chill when you exit the aircraft. If it’s sweltering, a pair of shorts on your leg noodles will do just fine.  If the weather seems cool, wear a long sleeve shirt or, if needed, layer it with a thermal base layer.

Sneakers or other athletic shoes are the number one choice to complete a skydiving outfit. Heels, sandals, and boots with hooks are a major skydiving fashion faux pas.

Why do skydivers wear jumpsuits?

 At Skydive California, we’ve got you covered (literally). Jumpsuits are provided to students to help protect their skin from minor scrapes and abrasions that could occur on landing. The jumpsuit is also useful for protecting clothes from stains and potential damage.

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You ‘ll look more like the pros by wearing a skydiving jumpsuit than going without.

Experienced skydivers use various skydiving jumpsuits to establish uniform drag and to improve their flying ability; in fact, there are different jumpsuits for different types of skydivers.

Relative Work Formation Skydivers wear suits with thick grippers and booties (foot coverings) to enable others to easily grip them as they create different shapes in the sky. The taut fabric created by the bootie establishes a sort of wing to help improve the speed with which maneuvers are completed and adds power to even slight bodily inputs.

wings of blue skydiving jumpsuit
Wings of Blue Team Members Photo by: US Air Force

Likewise, skydivers who fly on alternative axis (think sitting in a chair or upside down with their head directed toward the ground) tend to stick to close fitting jumpsuits to reduce drag and increase speed.

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Other skydivers, we call wingsuiters, don the now popular “squirrel suit” to add surface area to their body to increase lift and turn their bodies into one aerodynamic aircraft!

What about you?

Are you ready to impress with your best skydiving outfit? Come see us. We’ll get you dressed for success in your skydiving jumpsuit at Skydive California!

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