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How Skydiving Can Make You a More Goal Oriented Person

Learning to Skydive

How to Become a More Goal Oriented Person

We all know at least a goal-oriented person who has it all. Disciplined and driven, these individuals set up goals and subsequently knock them down. It seems like everything this person sets his or her sights on, s/he achieves.

So, what if that goal-oriented person was you? What would you say to increased productivity and self-confidence? Is it a resounding, yes, please!? Well, keep reading because skydiving might be the example you need for how to become more goal oriented.

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The Importance of Having Goals

Simple as it may seem, in order to be a goal oriented person, you have to set a goal. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, aim to accomplish one thing at a time. Moving targets leave you scrambling, so be specific!  Being goal-oriented means envisioning exactly what you would like to achieve, and then going after it.

We like to view the whole process of achieving goals simply: set your intention and then direct your attention.

Intention: face your fear of heights. Direct your attention by picking an activity that will directly challenge you to face that fear. (In this case, it just might happen to be skydiving!) Then, make it happen. If you need to, break it down into steps: get information online, call the skydiving center, book the skydive, show up, and make the jump.

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If you’re wondering how to become more goal-oriented, your first step is to set clear goals. In the above scenario, the goal is clear: face the fear of heights.

If you fail to create clear goals, you’re cheating yourself. Having trouble getting started? Once you have a specific thing to aspire to, you will find motivation much easier to come by. Likewise, by choosing a single goal and setting out to achieve it, you have initiative driving and directing your energy.

Maybe you don’t need to face your fear of heights, but you need to get cracking at those bucket list items. Being goal-oriented looks like saying no to procrastination and hello to something you’d love to do!

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Setting a goal, like to try out skydiving, and fulfilling that goal helps to build confidence, and consequently, provides you will the courage to pursue your other goals. As you tackle each of your goals, you start to see momentum. It seems that progress begets progress.

How Skydiving Can Make You a Goal Oriented Person

Skydiving is more than a one-time thrilling ride. For some, their first tandem skydive will intensify a desire to fly, to consistently feel “on top of the world.” These individuals will find themselves on a path to learn to skydive. The path of learning to skydive is one of the clearest examples of how skydiving can make you a goal oriented person.

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It starts simply. On each AFF level, the student has to set a goal: to exit the plane with perfect body position, to learn various maneuvers and skills, to finally nail that stand-up landing. Once the student progresses through AFF and receives their A-License the goals continue. Next up, it’s making sure you make a skydive every 30 days (though, we doubt you’ll even want to wait that long!), then aiming for 50 jumps to get that B License and the chance to jump from a hot air balloon or helicopter. Not to mention, there’s an entire side of competitive skydiving to explore!

Skydiving is a sport of continuing education, and the first jump is only the beginning. You never know it all. There’s always a new set of skills to learn or a new way to improve on skills you already possess. Honestly, the opportunities are endless.

Ready to make it happen? Get the jumpstart you need to become the goal-oriented person you’ve always dreamed. Give us a call at Skydive California, we are more than happy to help you reach those skydiving goals!

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