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How to Prepare for a World Record Skydive?


Do you want to make history? Of course, you do.

And, you’re not alone. Attaining a world record is a dream that motivates skydivers of all ages and backgrounds. In the upcoming years, there will be several world record attempts. Now’s the time to get inspired and get after it.

What kind of world record skydives are there?

Skydiving isn’t all one note or falling with style. In fact, it’s quite a multi-disciplinary sport. There are world records in Accuracy Skydiving (participants attempt to land on a teen tiny target the size of a nickel), Speed Skydiving (who can reach the fastest freefall speeds), Wingsuit Skydiving (with records for speed flights and formations), CRW skydiving (essentially formations with parachutes), Formation Skydiving (just how many people can we get together at one time in the sky), and Sequential Skydiving Records (how many people can we get in the sky, and just how many different shapes can we make in 50-60 seconds)

types of skydiving crw skydiving parachute formation

If achieving a world record is something you’ve set your sights on, there are a few things you need to know.

Get your mind right!

Preparing to be a part of a world record skydive is a feat that requires physical skill as well as mental fortitude. To make it through, you’ll need to recognize up front that the journey will be challenging. Achieving a world record will require sizeable investments of time and resources. Be prepared to make sacrifices and commit to yourself to see things through to the end.

Train Smart and Make Connections

For each world record attempt, there are going to be a lot of talented skydivers and only a limited number of spots. To make the cut, you’ll need to train smarter and harder than the other fun-jumpers around you.  Basically, skydiving is going to become your second job. Clock-in each jumping day and give it your all.

Establishing meaningful connections with others in the sport is going to be very important during your world record journey. Set yourself up for success by routinely attending training camps and meeting other jumpers. Often, this will mean traveling to different drop zones across the state and, potentially, the country.

solo skydiving requirements

 While at training camps, set yourself apart. Show up each day willing to work, give each jump your all, and have a good attitude. Aside from your skill, this is the number one way to get yourself on the radar. You see, usually, the jumpers organizing the skill and training camps are the skydivers who organize the record attempts.

Every world record holder started with their first jump. Are you ready to take the journey?

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