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Skydiving Bay Area Deals at Skydive California

Tandem Skydiving

Skydive Bay Area Deals: What to Look For

Skydiving is one of the greatest things you can do. Nothing can put into words the feeling of flying through the air. Here at Skydive California, we know there are lots of locations to choose from to skydive the Bay Area – indeed, we offer some of the best ones!

Here, we’ll explain some of the deals around and what you should expect to pay for a Bay Area skydive.

How Much Does A Bay Area Skydive Typically Cost at Skydive California?

Most people skydiving for the first time in the Bay Area choose to make a tandem skydive. This is where you’re attached to an experienced instructor and they’ll be responsible for the operation of the parachute.

tandem skydive at skydive california

You just need a short brief before you go, where you’ll learn the basics of the freefall body position and how the parachute works.

A tandem skydive with us is between $199-$229* which includes:

  • A full pre-jump brief
  • Use of the equipment such as jumpsuit, goggles, and gloves
  • Around 60 seconds of freefall time
  • Around 5 minutes of parachute flying time
  • A post-jump certificate to help you remember your experience

Different Costs of Tandem Skydiving at Skydive California

  • $199 – Tandem Skydive, 13,000 feet (Fri)
  • $229 – Tandem Skydive, 13,000 feet (Sat & Sun)

*Note that prices are subject to change

You can pay an additional supplement of $130 to have your skydive filmed and photographed, giving you a lasting memory of your first-ever tandem skydiving experience.

Experienced USPA licensed skydivers can also jump with us for a price of $33 per lift.

Find out more about our Skydiving Bay Area Prices

What’s Included In The Cost Of A Skydive?

As well as everything described above, the cost of your skydive covers things like:

  • The upkeep of our aircraft
  • The fuel for the flight
  • The maintenance of our equipment
  • Two parachutes for every tandem skydiver
  • Safety equipment such as ‘automatic activation devices’
  • The training of our staff

As a USPA member skydiving center, we’re accredited by the United States Parachute Association. Our team of instructors are all trained according to USPA guidelines to the highest standard.

skydiving bay area deals tandem skydiving

Cheap Bay Area Skydive Deals

You may have come across cheap skydiving deals that offer you discounts on your jump. The thing to bear in mind with these deals is that you get what you pay for. Cheaper deals are often made by agencies who don’t run skydiving facilities themselves or by skydiving centers which invest less in their equipment, pay their staff less and may not be USPA members.

If you’re unsure at all about the skydiving center, it’s well worth visiting the dropzone or visiting their website to learn more about them before you book.

That said, we do offer a $10 discount on each skydive for group reservations of 5 or more. 

Here at Skydive California, our skydiving prices include everything you need to have the experience of a lifetime skydiving in the Bay Area. 

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