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5 Tips from the Pros for Your First Time Skydiving

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First Time Skydiving Tips

Wahooo! Welcome to Skydive California! We’re so pumped to have you fly with us for your first time skydiving. There are a number of ways to be prepared for your first jump. We’d argue that the most important thing of all is to have fun and relax. But we’ve broken down a few pro-tips so you can show up in the right state of mind and ready to dive into this life-changing experience.

first time skydiving tips

Tip # 1: Give yourself plenty of time

You know when you’re running late to an obligation and everything seems to stress you out on the road? The light is taking too long to turn green, the person in front of you is driving 10 miles per hour below the speed limit, an accident causes traffic. Sometimes, you end up so stressed out you end up making a wrong turn. Anxiety fuels errors, and you don’t want to be too anxious for your first time skydiving

Don’t put yourself in that situation as you come for your first skydive — that’s stressful enough on its own! The skydive will be an adventure enough, so make for a calming ride over to the dropzone by leaving your house with more than enough time.

We suggest calculating an extra 10 to 20 minutes of lead time, just in case you get lost or if something unexpected pops up along the way. When you arrive at Skydive California, we want you to be in an as relaxed state as possible.

Tip #2: No drugs and alcohol

We understand that taking a shot of liquor or a hit of marijuana may calm your nerves — but please, please, please don’t give in to that temptation ahead of your skydive.

We won’t take you on a skydive if you are intoxicated in any form. You need to be clear-headed so that you can tackle your skydive with alertness and listen to and perform all directions given to you by your instructor.

Any other state of mind would be dangerous to both of you. Now after your skydive, you can celebrate with your drink of choice.

Tip #3: Water and food

Yes, you can eat before your skydive, in fact, we encourage it. Sometimes, people will refrain from eating because they’re afraid they’re going to be dizzy and get sick.

But eating is a very important part of the process. It gives you sustained energy and helps your body better manage the surge in adrenaline. If your nerves go haywire and you get a blast of adrenaline on an empty stomach, you may feel a little nauseous.

Drinking a lot of water is also extremely important, especially on a warm day. This is a high-intensity sport that will dehydrate you. Consuming plenty of fluids will ensure that you are keeping any potential illness away.

Tip #4: Don’t worry about the height thing

first time skydiving tips jumping from an airplane feeling

So many first-time or would-be skydivers stress about a fear of heights. Trust us, this will not be a problem. When you’re staring at the Earth from 13,000 feet above, the ground looks like an abstract painting. You won’t get that vertigo like you might climbing a ladder or standing on the edge of a tall bridge or building. Plenty of experienced skydivers started skydiving to tackle that fear of heights, and many of those same people continue to jump regularly.

Tip #5: Nervousness is good!

Worried about how nervous you are right now? Don’t be. It’s completely normal to have those first jump jitters, we even encourage it!

Even experienced skydivers still get nervous sometimes when they jump for the first time in a while. We love that feeling because it ensures that skydivers are triple checking their equipment and visualizing what they need to do during the dive to ensure they have as safe and exciting an experience as possible.

That said, don’t be so nervous that you forget to breathe. Take a few long deep breaths on the plane and remember that this is a fun experience that you’re going to love.

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