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The One Life Changing Experience You Have to Try

Tandem Skydiving

If You Could Do ONE Life Changing Experience, what would it be? We have the Answer!

We admit it: We’re a little predictable. Usually, we talk about the logistics. Right? We talk about what to expect on your first tandem skydive; what a skydive feels like; what to wear for a skydive…etc. The basics. The real world. Today, we’d like to switch it up a little bit. Today, we’d like to speak on the intangibles associated with the experience of a  skydive — the takeaways that people often don’t expect, but that end up being, overwhelmingly, the most important parts. We want to talk about the life-changing experiences that make a skydive one of the best experiences in life.

Why Is Skydiving a Life Changing Experience?

Sure, skydiving is an adrenaline experience. That pretty much goes without saying: after all, you’ll be connecting yourself to a (professional, excellent) stranger and jumping out of an airplane, for the love o’ Pete. That said: skydiving is much more than the sum of those woo-hoo parts.

life changing experiences

The intangibles associated with a skydive — namely, those ineffable elements that affect a subtle but significant adjustment to your worldview, your self-view and your future-view — can change your life for the better for good. Can’t say that about, say, a roller-coaster ride.

What Makes the Best Experiences in Life?

To discover why this is the case, let’s talk in general about the best life experiences, and why they qualify for that lofty post on a human’s personal timeline. Generally, the best experiences involve the two “P’s”: pride and perspective. Take another milestone life experience, for example, graduation. You’re proud of what you’ve done — you want the world to see that cap you toss in the air! — and your graduation changes your perspective from there on out. You’re no longer a wanna-be. You’re an IS. That defines you. Period-end. Walking down the aisle has a similar effect on your pride and your perspective. So does welcoming a child. And so — whaddya know! — does skydiving.

life changing experiences

There’s something to be said in doing something for yourself when your social circle tells you that you’re crazy for doing it. It’s a point of enormous pride to take on such a challenge and nail it. And, as far as perspective is concerned…well, remember that “wanna-be” thing from the previous paragraph? Becoming an “is” after a skydive is quite a thing, mark our words.

Following a skydive, we’re presented with an entirely new perspective on our lives: mainly, considering the fact that we just did something that felt utterly impossible five minutes ago, could we be using that information what’s possible (anything!) to live our lives better? A skydive shakes us awake. We realize that we’ve been in a rut — a rut that may have felt so very normal that it was entirely invisible from ground level. When we skydive, we get suddenly, enthusiastically woke to that fact — and inspired to do more.

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Why Is Skydiving Truly the One Life Changing Experience You Have to Try?

Between its matchless power for change and its uniquely accessible nature, skydiving ranks as one of the most proactive (amd OMG SO FUN) steps you can take towards self-realization. Point of fact: One of the key things that makes a tandem skydive such a big life-changing experience for pretty much everybody is the magnitude of the result without the need for years of training and the excellent balance of risk to reward.

Ready for a life changing experience that’ll rock you in the most positive possible way? Make your reservation today, and we’ll show you just how!

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