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What Every College Student Needs to Know About Tandem Skydiving


Pop quiz:

  1. Tandem Skydiving is:
    A. Scary
    B. Transformative
    C. Repeatable
    D. The most efficient way to expand your worldview, break free of old patterns, tone up your risk assessment muscles and make lifelong friends
    E. All of the above

If you didn’t pick choice E, you just got a zero-percent on that one. Sorry. Surprised? Probably. No worries. We’re happy to show our work.

A. Tandem Skydiving is scary.

Getting out of a flying airplane, miles above the surface of the Earth, is not the easiest thing to do. If it were, you’d have something of a psychological problem on your hands. It is, however, a key life skill to face fears and conventions head-on. After all: You didn’t go away to college to tread the same old tired territory you always have. Right?

A tandem skydiving pair skydiving at 13,000 feet at Skydive California

Facing the obstacle of your own reticence primes the pump for a kind of independence you probably direly need. Real talk: Statistically speaking, you’re probably in the school your parents thought was a good choice for you. You’re probably getting an “approved” degree. If you’re in the Greek system, you’re probably in the same one your family has been in forever, or you were drawn in by an upperclassman/woman who was already in your circle. Your path might not be as “yours” as you think it is–and that, dear reader, is going to set the tone for the life that’s unfurling (at top speed) ahead of you.

It’s scary to buck trends that are seriously ingrained. Super-scary. We humbly suggest skydiving as a way to train yourself in how to take back some agency from that deer-in-the-headlights feeling.

B. Skydiving is repeatable.

Think that skydiving is something you do once, as a tandem, and never bother with again? Au contraire. Far from it. Thousands of skydivers have earned their solo skydiving licenses and dug deep into the skill building that allows them to create beautiful acts of art and sport in the wild blue yonder. It takes hundreds, even thousands, of jumps to get really good. For people like us–and, perhaps perhaps perhaps, you–challenge accepted. Every single one of them has something beautiful to offer.

Some more facts along these lines: Learning to skydive isn’t as expensive as you might think. For about the same price tag as a couple bottle-service nights out, of which you’ll remember not one single detail (whoopsie), you can actually earn your solo skydiving license. Also notable: Skydive California is surprisingly convenient to plenty of Northern California’s halls of higher education, so you can truck on back here on any given day you don’t have class.

C. Skydiving is transformative.

Skydiving illuminates lives. Seriously, it does. Ask any licensed skydiver on the dropzone.

Taking up skydiving as a hobby will give you the chance to work through a daunting-but-totally-achievable challenge that’s entirely your own. It’ll develop your risk-assessment muscles. It’ll make you more physically and emotionally capable, as strange as that may seem. Finally–and perhaps most importantly–it’ll throw you in with a circle of friends that’s as diverse as it is fun.

Tandem skydiving pair at Skydive California

D. Skydiving is the most efficient way to expand your worldview, break free of old patterns, tone up your risk assessment muscles and make lifelong friends.

Are you ready to stop doing what you think you should be doing and start doing something truly incredible? Skydive.

Wriggling out of your established comfort zone is pure magic. Especially if you’ve started to wonder how, exactly, you ended up grinding down your current predestined pathway, skydiving can literally give you the altitude you need to make an intelligent reframing of your situation. We’re not kidding.

E. All of the above!

What are you waiting for? Come up to Skydive California near the Bay Area and San Francisco and meet our funtime faculty. Their office hours are all day, every day, and they’ll make sure you’re quite literally at the top of your class.e

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