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Top 5 Skydiving Bucket List Ideas


What if crossing one item off your bucket list subsequently unveiled an entire series of goals to achieve? This could very well be the case with your skydiving bucket list. Many people join us at Skydive California to check skydiving off their bucket list as a “one and done” type deal. Yet, despite believing the first time would be the last time, there are quite a few who make that first skydive only to leave with their appetites whet, ready and hungry for more. 

Who knows? It could very well be you!

Want to see what else is out there?  We’ve comprised our top 5 skydiving bucket list ideas for you to peruse.

Get Your Skydiving License/ Skydive Solo

If you thought the tandem skydive was fun, just wait until you hold the reins and skydive solo. Achieving the prized A skydiving license is, coincidentally, the first step toward bringing the other items on this skydiving bucket list to fruition. On your journey, you’ll learn how to manipulate the surfaces of your body to turn on a dime, change your fall rate, speed across the sky, and even learn how to huck a flip or two. When all is said and done, you’ll know how to fly safely to other jumpers in the air, to connect with them, and then to separate safely at the appropriate altitude. You’ll even possess the arcane knowledge of how to pack your own parachute!

The road to attaining your A license is as rewarding as it is challenging. For some, learning to fly comes naturally, but for others, it takes consistent effort before the pieces begin to fall in place. Don’t let that deter you: every jumper we’ve met has said it was all worth it.

Top 5 Skydiving Bucket List Ideas | Skydive California

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride (And Jump From It!)

We love the thrill of jumping from an aircraft, and while it never gets “old,” it sure is fun to spice things up! Hot air balloon jumps combine two starkly different experiences. On the actual “ride,” you’ll tranquilly float amongst the clouds, taking in the beauty of the rolling countryside below, left with the quiet of your thoughts, and the occasional loud “woosh” from the burner to keep you afloat of course.  The ride will put you at peace, but it will be quickly replaced by the excitement of the jump. 

Because the hot air balloon does not have a significant forward drive, stepping from the basket will be unlike anything you’ve experienced on a skydive before. You’ll feel the fall for the first few moments, a strange and thrilling sensation. Though, as you build up speed, it will quickly be replaced by that supported freefall feeling you’re familiar with from skydiving. Still, the unprecedented feeling of those few moments before the wind resistance built against your body will stay like a spectre in your imagination to keep you coming back for more. 

Make a Helicopter Jump

There’s nothing that quite feels as “James Bond” as hanging from the struts of a hovering helicopter. Similar to the hot air balloon, you’ll feel “dead air” as you drop. This change in dynamic and the spy thriller level of cool makes a helicopter jump another “must do” on our skydiving bucket list. 

Land On A Beach

Imagine combining skydiving and a beautiful beach vacation. Sea-side views and rarity make the beach jump a coveted item on many skydiver’s bucket lists. Typically, you’ll have to travel a significant distance for the experience of landing on a tropical beach, as the majority of these jumps occur only during special skydiving events we call “boogies.” Some of the best beach jumps can be found in Belize, the Maldives, Puerto Rico, and Australia. 

Top 5 Skydiving Bucket List Ideas | Skydive California

Jump Into A Stadium

This is last on our skydiving bucket list for a reason: it takes a lot of time and dedication to build the skills necessary to complete a “demo” skydive. In addition to possessing the most advanced skydiving license, the “D” license, an individual must also obtain their “Pro Rating” before being allowed to complete exhibition and demonstration jumps. But, can you just imagine landing on your favorite team’s field amongst a stadium filled with a cheering crowd? Well, you don’t have to just imagine it. It could totally be real. 

Why wait? There’s no time to waste. Start crossing items off your skydiving bucket list today! It all starts with one jump. Let’s schedule yours today.

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